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The Harvest series is a thrilling post-apocalyptic tale that follows Captain Austin Reynolds on his quest for the truth. A truth he never expected. After the planet is decimated by an unknown enemy, Reynolds sets out to find his wife who disappeared after the aliens' arrival. Along the way he picks up other survivors and together they battle against alien beings in the ultimate survival of the fittest, the fight for mankind's future.

What happens when bodies start falling from the sky bloodless and missing vital organs?

It’s summer and the snow is coming down - in Florida! Under the guise of a massive blizzard, an alien invasion begins, and mankind is caught unaware and unprepared.

Captain Austin Reynolds. The leader of an elite team of Marines discovers he’s the lone survivor of his team. In the middle of the chaos, his pregnant wife vanishes.

Reynolds sets out determined to find his wife. Along the way, he picks up other survivors. They all have lost everything and everyone that they love. Together they travel to Colorado.


It's obvious to all Austin has a secret, but not even he can explain the mysterious Eve or how she came to be in his life. He only knows that she's always protected him.

As the survivors struggle to not be torn to pieces by the vicious aliens, the tiny band of four must learn to trust one another if they hope to survive. Unfortunately, they discover the aliens aren’t the only thing they have to defend themselves against.

In this gripping addition in The Harvest series, the survivors continue to fight for their lives and the planet after an attack planet by the lethal alien creatures known as the Svan and Adita.

Living underground in a massive bunker, they take in more survivors. Soon they begin to worry about how long they can manage underground. Hope is the only thing they have going for them as love and betrayal threaten to tear them apart.

When the elusive Eve returns to Earth, bringing Austin’s son with her, Captain Reynolds again finds himself caught between duty and desire. The others do not trust Eve, but Austin is convinced she won’t betray them.

If the human race hopes to survive, Austin will have to decide between his own life or death in order to save them.

In this exciting final installment of The Harvest series, opposing worlds must learn to trust if anyone hopes to survive.

The humans have started their new life on the planet Paru, but despite being in paradise, something’s not right about the arrangement with the Adita. Once again, they look to Captain Austin Reynolds to save them.

After making the ultimate sacrifice for his friends, Austin has come to terms with what he has become, while Eve remains uncertain where she belongs - with the Adita or the humans. Adding to her doubts, a powerful force grows inside of her, one that causes her to question everything she’s ever known.

Where Eve doubts, Austin is steel willed in his belief that she will stand by his side, by the side of humanity. As they race towards a final confrontation with the Adita, neither Austin nor Eve is certain good will conquer evil.

The Harvest series is a thrilling post-apocalyptic endeavor filled with twists and turns sure to keep you turning the pages.