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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Issue #4

About a year ago, during one of my never-ending searches for information and knowledge, I began to notice adds for WIX, WordPress, and Squarespace. I realize these sites have been around for some time, but I just began paying attention to them not too long ago.

As with any topic that I did not know squat about, I searched YouTube to find those who did know squat. After hours of watching videos about the three sites, I chose WIX to create my author website.

I signed up for an account and began building my site. Easy peasy, right? For the most part, yes it was easy. I’m no computer wiz, not even close, but with a bit of trial and error (and YouTube) I can figure out enough to be dangerous.

I went live with my author website in October 2020. It felt great hitting that publish button. HOWEVER, as with writing a book, just because you hit that magic publish/submit button it does not mean you are finished. Work remains to be done if you want anyone to find your website.

The dreaded M word creeps back up again.

There are numerous helpful articles, videos, and books on the topic of creating/building your own website. Like anything else that is new (or techy) it can be overwhelming. I began by looking at how other authors had built their websites. I checked out everyone from J.K. Rowling, everyone knows, to Michael C. Grumley, some people might know, but I’d never heard of him. His website though was pretty cool and made me want to stick around to see what’s what.

Anyway, once I had a general idea of how I wanted it to look I jumped in. It’s only been a couple of weeks since I published. I sent out to all my family members who assured me the site looked great (shoulder shrug, furrowed brow) I’m not yet convinced I like it 100% yet. What I am convinced of is that these authors below did get it right. IMHO

Check out these author websites and you might just be inspired to build your own:








Until next week.

Be safe, be happy,


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