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An eye-catching book cover is as critical to the success of a book as the story told. For some this part of the process might be daunting. However, I have found a free software called GIMP that is great for book covers. You can download here I'm no wiz with this stuff but have managed to create decent covers. I've also redone covers on earlier books.

If you want to start off with something simple with a professional appearance, check out this video on YouTube. The narrator takes it slow and sticks to the subject. No fluff. If you want to try fancier covers there are longer videos available

I've also made covers in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Each have positive points and as always you can find how-to videos or books. I prefer the video.

If you are a writer and have a favorite software or method for making book covers I would love to hear about it.

If you are a reader I would love to hear your thoughts about book covers. How much do they sway your decision when deciding to buy a book?

I've started work on The Beast, the 3rd in the Riley Finn series. The Gardener and The Piper are now available on Amazon - Kindle and paperback

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