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Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Issue #3

Book reviews are a necessary evil. If you've read my previous post where I talk about the sheer number of books being published each year, then you know ‘The End’ is only the beginning. Before you even think about clicking on that submit button, rounds of editing must be endured. Grammar checks, spelling, context, subtext, and everything in-between is reviewed, checked and double checked. Sometimes the beginning, the middle or the end is revised or rewritten (we are crazy like that). Eventually though, you arrive at the point where it's time to publish. What a relief!

Not so fast Speed… if you self-publish, as I do, a few more things have to be completed before you can admire your masterpiece on Amazon. These include formatting, book cover design, key word selection, categories, and pricing. Yes, all this must be determined, chosen, and often agonized over. And then finally you can click the magic submit button. Once submitted you patiently wait 48-72 hours for the KDP superpowers to review your submission and give a thumbs up.

Now you can enjoy the fruits of your labor, right?

Not quite. There is one important task you cannot ignore. BOOK REVIEWS. If you want your book selected from that giant towering virtual bookshelf then someone has to notice it. If you want your book added to that coveted shopping cart, then someone has to notice it. You get the picture. But how do you catch that reader's eye? Maybe they see your fabulous cover, or the title is catchy, or it's the exact genre they love AND reviews. The more the better. A good number of reviews can help your book stand out, put you higher on the list, move you up in the sales ranks, maybe even earn a bestseller banner.

So, how does one get reviews?

Since I’m not famous and don’t have millions of followers on multiple social media sites who are dying for my next release, I have to MARKET myself. That word, market, instantly causes my brain to freeze. I would rather scrub shower mildew than market my books. However, I endeavor to persevere. Thankfully, there are folks out there who can and will help. I've combed the web and found a few sites that offer free review services (except Reedsy). This is just a list, not a endorsement for these sites. The cost is $50, and there’s a 5 week turn around. Easy submission plus includes a ton of helpful tools. easy submission process, all reviews are FREE selective and a bit harder to get in, but FREE. Focus on Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Romance, Historical, NA, and YA popular book blog, FREE reviews. Focus on Speculative Fiction (Horror, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction), YA (Speculative Fiction/Paranormal and Contemporary) and occasionally romance. The title pretty much says it all. Focus is on crime novels, espionage, mysteries and thrillers, and sometimes select titles in contemporary and international fiction. Also, FREE.

These are but a few sites of the hundreds or thousands I suspect exist. As I come across others I like, or if I submit to any, I'll share my experience in a future post.

FYI - I’ve recently uploaded my novel The Gardener to REEDSY. Once it’s reviewed, I’ll let you all know if it was worth the $$.




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