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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Issue #2

For fun: To get ready for my new series about Detective Riley Finn, I started reading MINDHUNTER - Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Killer Crime Unit by John Douglas & Mark Olshaker.

Also a NETFLIX original series, but since I don't have Netflix I haven't watched. I'm half way through the book and so far so good. Most times I read books the same way that my husband drives on a trip; straight through, no stopping . However, I bought this book to learn more about the FBI's behavioral science, to help in my writing, thus there's been several stops along the way. Read a little, write a little.

For More Fun: I'm reading The Count of Monte Cristo. A whopper of a novel clocking in at 1,056 pages. It may take a while to reach The End.

I'd love to hear about the books you are reading.

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