Detective Riley Finn Novels

Detective Riley Finn works in the Special Cases Unit (SCU) of the Chicago Police Department. SCU investigates and tracks the worst caliber of criminals. Like the unit she works in, Riley is a special kind of detective with a unique gift - she can see auras and evil has an aura like no other. 

Follow Detective Finn as she uses her gift to track and capture the scum of society.

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​“Hello Detective Finn, how does your garden grow?”

When a serial killer with a fondness for dark nursery rhymes takes an interest in Detective Riley Finn, she quickly finds herself pulled into a twisted guessing game where facts and fantasy become blurred.

As the Gardener slowly infiltrates every aspect of Detective Finn’s life, dropping hints about her past, Finn falls deeper and deeper into his rabbit hole of riddles and half-truths. Each time she gets closer to the Gardener, he gifts her with another dead body.

Determined to learn what secrets he holds, Detective Finn ventures inside a mind of pure evil where she stumbles upon the disturbing truth hidden among his evil thoughts.

From the author of the psychological thriller The Harvest series, comes a new series following Detective Riley Finn as she uses her unique gift to catch a killer.

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Detective Finn is again chasing down evil. With the Gardener case still fresh on everyone's mind, no one is ready for another serial killer, especially not one stealing newborns and discarding the mothers. In the dark underground of black market adoptions, the taker of children is called the Piper.


As the bodies begin to stack up, Riley and her team must go to drastic measures in order to catch the Piper.  

In this 2nd installment of the Detective Riley Finn Novels, Riley's gift is tested to the limits with fallout she never anticipated.


The Beast is about to explode.

 Can Riley catch this monster?

Stay tuned.

Expected publishing date - late June!